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Thursday, February 24

19 signs that you are mature

image by ezzat afiq - deviantart

  1. You are able to calm yourself and be patient if your wishes did not come true.
  2. If someone hurts you, you are able to hide your feelings and act smart as if nothing happens.
  3. You are not easily jealous when you see someone else is being praised.
  4. You able to face hatred by someone is not even worth it.
  5. You are cool and compose when getting something even though you know it is extremely possible for you to get it.
  6. You able to endure the shame and hurts if your life is not as easy as your colleagues.
  7. You continue being fair and just even though the situation forbids you to.
  8. You able to accept people criticism and misunderstanding without making them a big deal.
  9. You patiently bear the hardships in order to live an easy life in the future.
  10. You agree to opinions which you are disagree with in a debate without feeling uneasy.
  11. You can be happy even if you are alone together with your favourite activity or hobby.
  12. You able to admit truthfully that you really don't know about something without shame.
  13. You face the elderly or influential people without always want to cause negative impression.
  14. You will try to do something as simple as possible and not exaggerate it to show that you able to do something perfectly.
  15. You put others first even if you are not happy about it.
  16. You are able to be just and proper to those who you do not like.
  17. You able to build trust and love in others without being number one in their lives.
  18. If you are a man, you can cooperate or be friends with a woman without thinking that you are the man of every women dreams
  19. If you are a woman, you can cooperate or be friends with a man, honestly.


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